Update - October 6th, 2018


We’re making a few changes, so I wanted to update everyone on the status of current projects.

First, Spark & Echo (name change soon to come) will resume November 15th, 2018. Submissions for both awards will be opened up again shortly (anyone who submitted for October’s awards will be contacted by email in the upcoming week, & I’ll be asking you whether or not you want to keep your work submitted) As some of you know, my medical circumstances require that I adapt to certain new realities, and that means turning over the responsibility of the awards to other individuals who I will be hiring as part of a new administrative team (I’ll continue to happily fund the awards, but it’s time to let those of you who are far more qualified as editors to do this work) Job postings will also be going up the week of the 8th.

With that in mind, Here has started! I’ve decided that since we’re not handing out awards in October, we might as well redirect some of those funds to Here, which is our monthly patronage program for writers. We’re starting individuals at $20.00 a month in support, with the hope to escalate the amount contributed to you as time progresses (We’ve already signed up twenty writers to the program, so if you are interested, simply contact me at rahim@shootforthemoon.art and I’ll be happy to speak with you about it)

Here has also expanded to the United States. With the current political climate (& with legislation like FOSTA-SESTA negatively impacting a lot of writers I know) I felt it was a necessary thing to do. With that in mind, I’ve decided to not publish the list of individuals receiving contributions under this program

My apologies to you who have submitted work for October, but my health challenges require me to make treatment a priority. No sense in stopping the work that is being done, though, so I’m glad to focus on Here while I let those of you who end up being hired look after Spark & Echo (& more news on Nova to come shortly!)

Cheers, and thanks for your understanding.