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An event to raise money for the Galloway Legal Defense Fund

  • Date & Time: TBA from 8:00 P.M to 8:00 A.M, Event Location TBA (It will be a private studio space in Toronto)

  • An evening of immersive ballet performances, aerial silk dance, readings from some of the best new voices in Canadian Literature, and an all-night dance party of rare groove/disco/funk/soul (plus many more surprises to come!)

  • A costume-party theme (where if you don’t have a costume, we will have an extensive wardrobe available to those who want to dress up)

  • All money will be donated to the Galloway Legal Defense Fund + Shoot-For-The-Moon will add on 10% to every contribution made.

  • If you’re unable to afford a ticket/contribution, but RSVP to the event, Shoot-For-The-Moon will donate $10.00 on your behalf to the fund.

  • All food & beverages will be provided for free, courtesy of SFTM and a few of our lovely sponsors.

  • Venue will be fully accessible.

  • Click on the button below to make a contribution/buy a ticket

As you know, we’ve been running a gofundme campaign (which you can find here, set up by the awesome Amanda Leduc) Individuals like Amanda Leduc, Amanda Reaume & myself have been thinking about other ways we can raise funds immediately to help defray some of the initial & long-term legal expenses for the defendants named in the Galloway lawsuit.

Like the gofundme campaign, all the money that we receive through platforms like this will go directly toward the legal costs incurred for this case. If you donate/buy a ticket through this platform, not only will SFTM add on 10% of every contribution you’ve made, we will also donate an additional $10.00 if you RSVP to the event but can’t afford make a contribution.

To borrow the narrative from the gofundme campaign:

On October 29, 2018, Christie Blatchford published an article in the National Post stating that Steven Galloway was suing a total of 20 individuals, including the woman who had initially accused him of sexual assault, for defamation of character. The article publicly outed the woman formerly known only as the Main Complainant, and also named several other individuals in the CanLit community. According to the article, the claim seeks 'unspecified general, special and aggravated damages and a permanent injunction “requiring the defendants to remove the defamatory words from the internet and every other public postings” and restraining them from any further publishing.'

I can’t even imagine what the stress level on an emotional and financial level is for the individuals named in this lawsuit. There is a clear, chilling intent to silence, and as someone who has invested a lot of time and money into supporting artists and their ability to express themselves, it breaks my heart to see this, and I felt compelled to do something to help assist in this fight.

This is one of the other fundraisers that was mentioned in the gofundme narrative. Those of us who have the means to do something are working hard to make sure that the defendants know that they are not alone. I cannot emphasize it enough, though, that it is critical & crucial to keep the funds coming in, in as many ways as possible. All the funds that are taken in through this platform will be forwarded to the account of the Galloway Legal Defense Fund (and again, major kudos to Amanda Leduc & Amanda Reaume for doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make this happen)

This is going to be an amazing event! The immersive ballet performances will be as if you’re moving around the stage (the choreographers will be working with the space to present new work, & we will make sure that there is accessibility in all parts of the venue to make it comfortable for everyone) The aerial artists will frame the entire night with ongoing performances, & the readings will be from a lot of those who have already contributed to the fund (and if you’re interested in participating as a reader, let me know!) To top off the night, we’re going to have one large house party and have a night full of love, laughter and celebration of those who are in this struggle (and let them know that we’re in this struggle with them) This is only the first of many fundraisers, and we’re working on ways to be able to make sure that those who are named in this lawsuit are not alone.

Share widely, please contribute/buy a ticket if you can, and I’ll happily match 10% of your contribution (and give even if you can’t make it) Let’s make sure that those named in the suit know that they, and their words are crucial, needed and necessary.

If you wish for more information, email me at rahim@shootforthemoon.art if you’d like to contribute something to the event or make a contribution via an alternative method.



To learn more about the circumstances surrounding this lawsuit, please visit the following section: