To support writers on an ongoing basis, I have created a program called Here. Here provides ongoing monthly support of $10.00 to $30.00 a month to writers in Canada. 

Here is a response to the Spark, Echo & Nova awards I’ve created. The quality of the work submitted has been so strong, it’s been a challenge to have to say ‘No’ and not provide any additional support in return (Something about that seems inherently wrong to me). If you don’t win one of the awards for any given month, why should that prevent us from coming to some kind of arrangement where you receive a little bit of financial support? 

Being part of Here does not disqualify you from any of the awards. 

It works quite simply – I will either initiate dialogue with you, or you can ask me (I prefer the former because I don’t want you to have to chase or be in the position to ask). I kind of like the idea of seeking you out to give if we’re familiar with each other. If we do not know each other, initiate dialogue via email at and we can talk about setting up an arrangement. 

I’d like it so that I don’t have to manually send money every month, so it is helpful if you have a platform set up to accept recurring payments (anything from a PayPal to a Patreon is helpful). But if you do not have something already set up (or it’s too costly for you) I will manually send your installment, or set up an account for you to receive funds. 

I do have the ability to set up a fundraising platform for you through the other work that I do (There is a monthly cost I will absorb on my end to do so). I will only do this if you believe you want to launch a fundraising campaign for yourself and require financial assistance to run the page (Consider it a gift in addition to your monthly installment). I would need to speak with you further about such an arrangement before making a contribution. 

Payments will be made at the 1st of each month, and presently, I can send small monthly installments to about 30+ writers. It’s possible I will set up a fundraising campaign to pour more funds into Here so that I can increase the list of recipients & the size of the monthly installments. 

It’s not a lot, I know, but it’s a start. If someone is receiving $30.00 a month, that’s $360.00 a year to put towards writing supplies, to cups of coffee & tea to anything else you feel your spirit needs.  

The idea is that I want you to be rewarded for taking the time to stare at that blank page. If you’re committing to the process, even if the words don’t come, it’s important to let you know that you have support for trying. 

Here is not a grant. You do not owe me reports or accounting for what you do with your funds. 

If I have not spoken with you about such an arrangement, and you wish to know more, once again email me at and we can speak further.