Update - October 21st, 2018


We’re making a few changes, so I wanted to update everyone on the status of current projects.

First, Spark & Echo (name change soon to come) will now resume after we hire our new co-editors, & expand upon our operations (A new printing press is being delivered to my garage, so we’re going into book publishing!) Submissions for both awards will be opened up again by the end of the year (I’m personally hoping we can resume handing out the awards in December) As some of you know, my medical circumstances require that I adapt to certain new realities, and that means turning over the responsibility of the awards to other individuals (I’ll continue to happily fund the awards, but it’s time to let those of you who are far more qualified as editors to do this work) Job postings are now up and you will be able to find them here .

Like podcasts? Here’s the first episode of The 3:00 A.M. Podcast - Episode One - The #CanLit Troll where I talk about how to eliminate/cleanse the #CanLit Troll from your life (and the podcast is recorded after 3:00 am, since I never sleep, so I thought I’d speak with you) You can just listen to it directly here:

While waiting for the awards to resume, Here has been running quite well so far! Here is our monthly patronage program for writers, and it’s my way of continuing to support the written word while we restructure and add staff (just because the awards are paused doesn’t mean we can’t provide financial assistance) We’ve started individuals at $20.00 a month in support, with the hope to escalate the amount contributed to you as time progresses (We’ve already signed up twenty writers to the program, so if you are interested, simply contact me at rahim@shootforthemoon.art and I’ll be happy to speak with you about it) There’s also a fundraiser going on for the program with my improvised storytelling project The House On Islington Avenue, which you can find at Vicious Minutes Hour, so while our new staff is focused on publishing and managing the awards, I’m going to devote my time to building up resources for the project (I want to make it bigger and help as many writers as possible) There’s something to be said for knowing that you always have ongoing support, so if you wish to learn more about how you can help, talk to me about it (And if you wish to support the project, click on the Donate button below) You can also listen to The House On Islington Avenue directly on this website.


My apologies to those of you who have submitted work for the awards, but my health challenges require me to make treatment a priority. No sense in stopping the work that is being done, though, so I’m glad to focus on Here while I let those of you who end up being hired look after Spark & Echo (& more news on Nova to come shortly!)

Cheers, and thanks for your understanding.