Update - January 15th, 2019.


I’ve been off for a little while attending to medical issues. Thankfully, I’m feeling much stronger, so it’s time to get things up and running again. The literary awards Spark & now Soul (formerly known as Echo) have resumed (Other projects like Here & Nova will be coming back, restructured, in early February) One new feature is that we will be publishing the award-winners in chapbooks on a monthly basis! (What’s the point of buying a printing press if you’re not going to use it, right?) I’m still working out the details in terms of how to do it, so I’ll be asking you what you think is best in proceeding with this initiative. What I’d like to do is have the award-winners for each month have their work printed & sold through our site with all proceeds going to the writers involved for that month (Like the awards online, if you want to hold back on publication online or in chapbook form due to any reason, I’m perfectly fine with that & it will not affect whether or not you receive an award) What do you think? We have time to figure this out, so just shoot me an email with your input at rahim@shootforthemoon.art (I know, I’ve been abysmal at responding to messages the last three months, but hey, I’ve been in bed recovering for most of the last three months!) It’s nice to be awake again, so I will be a lot better at responding to any inquiries from here on in.

You’ll notice the website changing as time goes on, so just be patient while I’m reconstructing all the offline pages (I’m going to be thoroughly unprofessional and leave everything online while I rebuild it) I wanted to make sure that the awards resumed, and that we were at least keeping people updated on Soar the upcoming fundraiser to raise money for the Galloway Legal Defense Fund (which will be taking place in Toronto on Saturday February 16th, 2018) We’re still looking for writers/readers to compliment all the other performances that will be taking place (the staging of the readings will be quite different than what you might be used to, but we’ll talk about that if you’re interested) If you’ve already bought a ticket, you’ll be receiving an email within the next few days to update you (It’s a post-Valentine’s Day event, so I’m kind of in the mood to surprise you all with something delightful)

With everything that has been happening medically, these are the first days in a long time where I feel like myself again, so I’m going through resumes for the editor & assistant positions, and will be contacting individuals to set up interviews starting the week of the 21st of January.

We’ll also have a new section amplifying any of your fundraising endeavours. If you’re an artist with a fundraising page, send to me the link and what you’d like as the thumbnail, and we’ll do a feature on your page and connect others to it (With traffic on the site still being strong, I want to be able to use it to help benefit the work you’re doing) Due to my other fundraising endeavours, a lot of major donors will be checking in on the site, so I’m hoping your work is seen and people feel compelled to give to you & your work. Send me an email and ask me about how this will be set up, and keep your eyes open to the next update during the week of the 21st of January, 2019, for more information.

Thank you to everyone who has been so patient with me while I’ve been recovering. I’m looking forward to resuming dance training full time, returning to recording audio narratives on my other website at VMH and handing off these duties to those of you who actually know how to edit (look at all the grammatical errors in this update alone!)

Thanks for still being here, stay tuned for more updates next week, and see you on the 16th of February!


Update - October 21st, 2018


We’re making a few changes, so I wanted to update everyone on the status of current projects.

First, Spark & Echo (name change soon to come) will now resume after we hire our new co-editors, & expand upon our operations (A new printing press is being delivered to my garage, so we’re going into book publishing!) Submissions for both awards will be opened up again by the end of the year (I’m personally hoping we can resume handing out the awards in December) As some of you know, my medical circumstances require that I adapt to certain new realities, and that means turning over the responsibility of the awards to other individuals (I’ll continue to happily fund the awards, but it’s time to let those of you who are far more qualified as editors to do this work) Job postings are now up and you will be able to find them here .

Like podcasts? Here’s the first episode of The 3:00 A.M. Podcast - Episode One - The #CanLit Troll where I talk about how to eliminate/cleanse the #CanLit Troll from your life (and the podcast is recorded after 3:00 am, since I never sleep, so I thought I’d speak with you) You can just listen to it directly here:

While waiting for the awards to resume, Here has been running quite well so far! Here is our monthly patronage program for writers, and it’s my way of continuing to support the written word while we restructure and add staff (just because the awards are paused doesn’t mean we can’t provide financial assistance) We’ve started individuals at $20.00 a month in support, with the hope to escalate the amount contributed to you as time progresses (We’ve already signed up twenty writers to the program, so if you are interested, simply contact me at rahim@shootforthemoon.art and I’ll be happy to speak with you about it) There’s also a fundraiser going on for the program with my improvised storytelling project The House On Islington Avenue, which you can find at Vicious Minutes Hour, so while our new staff is focused on publishing and managing the awards, I’m going to devote my time to building up resources for the project (I want to make it bigger and help as many writers as possible) There’s something to be said for knowing that you always have ongoing support, so if you wish to learn more about how you can help, talk to me about it (And if you wish to support the project, click on the Donate button below) You can also listen to The House On Islington Avenue directly on this website.


My apologies to those of you who have submitted work for the awards, but my health challenges require me to make treatment a priority. No sense in stopping the work that is being done, though, so I’m glad to focus on Here while I let those of you who end up being hired look after Spark & Echo (& more news on Nova to come shortly!)

Cheers, and thanks for your understanding.