CanLit Dumpster Fire - a reading list


This list is not complete. It is a living document, and new resources can be added as they come. Its purpose is to compile the important work that is responding to issues and discussions in "CanLit".

If you have a new resource, essay or link to add, let me know. I don’t plan on revising this regularly, so please be patient. 

Please share and use! Thank and cite the folks who did the heavy lifting in writing these essays.

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Multiple Fires

Alicia Elliott

Gwen Benaway

Jen Sookfong Lee

Kai Cheng Thom

Amanda Leduc

Julie Rak


Appropriation Prize Fire

Gwen Benaway

Joshua Whitehead

Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

Helen Knott

Alicia Elliott

Whitney French

Scaachi Khoul

Ryan McMahon

Jorge Barrera

On Appropriation Prize

Murad Hummadi

Jesse Wente

Shree Paradkar

Josh Ostroff

Sarah Hagi

An interview with Quill and Quire with Doyali Islam. 


UBC Accountable and CanLit Accountable Fires

Alicia Elliot

Julie Rak

Dorothy Palmer

Counter letter to UBCAccountable

A list of resources and collected twitter threads by Julie Rak

Zoe Whittall

The Power in Words By Celyn Harding-Jones

Stacy Lee Kong

Chantal Braganza

Concordia Fire

Emma Healey

Julie McIsaac


Sexual assault/harrassment in CanLit

Nikki Reimer

Jen Sookfong Lee

Alicia Elliot

Sabrina Maddeaux

Jacob Scheier

Erin Wunker on Love, Anonymous project



Natalie Walschots

Brenna Clarke Gray

Julia Burnham



Emma Healey

Kailey Havelock

Julie McIsaac

Heather Cromarty



Coach House

Toronto Star

Scaachi Koul

Toronto Star


Toronto spoken word community

Toronto Star

Metro News

Jacq Brass


Canadian law on defamation and sexual assault/harrassment

Lisa Jean

On defamation law and possible defenses

Canadian Bar Assoc on defamation and libel law

The Writers Union of Canada

Edward Prutschi on civil versus criminal harrassment cases

Owen Bourns on online defamation law




Sexual assault/harrassment in academia and creative writing programs

Lauren Turner

Nell Gluckman on sexual harrassment in creative writing programs

Various contributors

John Warner

National Observer

Karthik Shankar on students publishing list of abusers in India

K.A. Amienne


Sexual assault/harrassment in American lit circles

Jia Tolentino

Bonnie Nadzam

Various authors

Kate Manne

Martha C. Nussbaum

Katie J.M. Baker

S.E. Smith



Alexandra Erin on convicting abusers

Ronan Farrow on systemic victim silencing

Claire Dederer on the art of abusive men

Rahael Denhollander on the prive of coming forward

Buzzfeed call for tips

Theresa Smalec "Art of #MeToo: Cara Cole's Illuminated Manuscript,"Politics/Letters Live, 3 Aug. 2018.