Projects Recently Funded:

SFTM Contributions To The Arts, As of June 2nd, 2019: $37,955.00

Spark & Soul

The major projects ahead for SFTM in 2019 will be the literary awards/initiatives in Canada, Spark & Soul (You can find out more about each award/endeavour either by clicking on the highlighted words or in the navigation menu) Whether it's for QT2S/BIPOC writers, disabled writers in Canada (including but not limited those who are physically/invisibly disabled, d/Deaf, blind, neurodivergent, chronically ill or suffering from mental health issues) or other individuals who have been marginalized in #canlit circles, our literary prizes will have donated almost $100,000.00 to writers across Canada by June of 2019. Keep an eye open on our site as we continue to help amplify these incredible voices and expand upon our funding initiatives. 

The other major project will be launching Fuzzy Momo Press, & hiring staff to preside over both the awards & our new publishing company. I am hoping that we have our staff in place by March 15th, 2019.


Alysa Pires Dance Projects:

Shoot-for-The-Moon was able to provide almost $10,000.00 towards a three-week recreation period for Alysa Pires Dance Projects in November of 2017 (Participating dancers included Salvatore Bonillia, Ryan Lee, Tori Mehaffey, James-Thomas Papandreos, Kelly Shaw, Jarrett Siddall, Colleen Snell, Kathia Wittenborn & Madeline Wright) We were able to assist in providing compensation for a twenty-hour work-week (for three weeks) at CADA standards for the choreographer, nine dancers, and assist in facility rentals along with other expenditures (SFTM is presently matching 10% of every contribution made to this recreation period) This project was also supported by the Toronto Arts Council. 

Ace Dance Theatre

Shoot-for-The-Moon will be continuing to provide over $5000.00 in matching donations towards ACE Dance Theatre over the next five months, honoring a commitment from a previous fundraiser, & will continue to donate on a major monthly level to future projects by Artistic Directors Liana Bellisimo & Tara Pillon.  

This Is Our Place

This is Our Place (produced by Shoot-for-The-Moon/Rahim Ladha) was a mini dance residency within a residence in November 2017. Hosted by homeowner Andrew Williamson, six local dance artists were given space to make and work in an empty house. There was a culminating showing on the last day where guests were guided through an intimate performance. The following artists presented work within the comfort of a home (& were compensated for their presentation) Allie Higgins, Sarah Koekkoek, Marlowe Porter, Amanda Pye, Camille Rojas & Jamee Valin. Curation by Lauren Runions of I/O Movement.

Choreographic Process - Sarah Koekkoek

Hibernating in three different locations for three straight days, Shoot-for-The-Moon was able to provide funding at CADA-level standards for choreographer/dancer Sarah Koekkoek (& also cover the cost of studio rental) Excerpts of the process can be viewed here.

Projects/Companies/Individuals We Support

At the present time, Shoot-for-The-Moon/Rahim Ladha (That's me) is supporting several projects/companies/individuals on a monthly (sometimes weekly) basis. Although I will continue to make regular contributions to a kickstarter/gofundme/patreon campaign, I prefer monthly giving, but would give one-time under the right circumstances. If you are interested in receiving a contribution on a monthly basis to your organization, just write to me at and if I believe you are working on something I can support on a long-term basis, I'll be more than happy to become a donor. 

The list of Projects/Companies/Individuals we support with a monthly contribution (some at a major level) include the following:

If you are seeking a monthly contribution, or minor/major project funding, our new rule is to not engage in dialogue when it comes to minor or major project funding unless we can fund the endeavor immediately. Another new rule is that if we agree to funding for a project, a contract is prepared & we provide the funds the day of the agreement. We also provide access to our accounts for the sake of transparency, so that if you are asking for a specific amount of funds, we let you see what resources we have for the purposes of assurance. 

A new initiative we have launched are free tutorials/information sessions for artists/organizations on how they can build their own donor prospect list and engage in fundraising activities on a sustainable level (beyond conventional one-time campaigns) Tutorials usually last for about twenty-to-thirty hours in length over several weeks and are free to anyone (& we provide continued support should you require it) It is my belief that it is better to give you the tools to empower yourself rather than engage in the work on your behalf. 

Although we do have our own donor-prospect lists, we will not be engaging in any fundraising activities in the future, unless it is a business partnership. 

For more information, email me at

Who I Am 

Humming along on a gigantic red tricycle in front of the Walter Carsen Centre/National Ballet of Canada (Photograph courtesy of Sabrina Ayton)

Humming along on a gigantic red tricycle in front of the Walter Carsen Centre/National Ballet of Canada (Photograph courtesy of Sabrina Ayton)

I've always been a bad dancer. But I'm a good fundraiser. I spent two years at an entry-level job with the National Ballet of Canada and raised over $200,000.00 just by calling a lot of previous ticket-buyers & asking them to give (let's just say I put a lot of genuine enthusiasm into the job) Before that, I had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars going door-to-door on behalf of various organizations (most notably the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health in Toronto for the reconstruction of the facilities) One of the best things about that job was to be able to do it in the worst of weather (if it were February and minus-twenty degrees and snowing and 9:00 pm, I'd still be out there, hustling from door-to-door, compelling people to give) I consider it one of the best experiences of my life, because I was able to speak with people in the worst of conditions and see the best of them, whether they were able to give or not. In that job, I learned how to believe in the generosity of others, and it compelled me to be a better person. I'd estimate at this point I've raised over one million dollars for various organizations in face-to-face/person-to-person interaction. I've always been passionate about helping, but sometimes, even with the best of intentions, I've failed. But I believe that in failure, one has the opportunity to learn, and to do things better. That's why I relaunched Shoot-for-the-Moon - to learn from the failures, and do things better - to learn not just how to give, but give from a good, strong place that only helps all involved. 

Instead of focusing on fundraising, I've decided that if I am to fund a project, you receive the funds immediately (even if it's several weeks before a project begins) I've also decided to open up the books to anyone looking for funding (so if you want to know if we have the resources to cover a project, I can show you directly) I'm also teaching for free how you can build your own donor prospect list and work in fundraising acquisition for the long-term for your art. I want to make this as friendly, and assuring of a process as possible. 

If you have any questions, once again, email me at